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Simplify to the Power of Three

Every year our town hosts a Santa parade the Monday evening after Thanksgiving. Neighborhood shops stay open late into the evening so visitors can shop, eat, or simply stroll down the street enjoying the vibe of the holiday season. This year our church is hosting events outdoors and my husband (a serious Christmas light guy) was asked to help with the lighting. Rather than illuminate the “larger” landscape of the church we decided to create three small vignettes—A children’s choir, a nativity scene, and a candy cane walk. Creating groups of three helps to simplify thoughts we can sometimes overcomplicate like the size of a holiday centerpiece, the number of appetizers for a gathering, an appropriate choice of beverages, or topics of conversation that will keep the mood light. Like the sides of an equilateral triangle, when all three angles are the same, the shape of the structure remains predictable.

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