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My mission is SIMPLICITY

Life transitions are hard. As a Simplicity Coach, my goal is to help clients move forward  from wherever it is they feel stuck. Together, we work to simplify thought processes and patterns that may be limiting your ability to experience less stress, gain more clarity, and to feel a sense of calm and organization in your life. Change can happen when you learn to trust the process of letting go. 
Interior Design

My philosophy
The SIMPLE 6: Disciplines for Taming Chaos and Creating Calm







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My services

Coaching Services (1-on-1)

Clients looking for support on how best to navigate through life or business transitions choose this option to get clear, calm the chaos, and begin the process of creating a new plan for success. 

Consulting Services (Life Transitions, Downsizing for Retirement or Small Business, Spiritual Simplicity)

As a consultant I provide expert guidance on how best to navigate change. This is a good option for business leaders, organizations, or small groups looking for direction on how to manage the effects of change on the work environment. Together, we set goals, learn how to effectively manage workflow, encourage collaboration, and empower leadership to help teams thrive. Efficiency with compassion is a core value of my simplicity coaching.

Denise Fleissner Ralston is a certified coach


  • The Co-Active Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

  • Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)

  • Enneagram Certified

  • Award-winning writer/producer

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