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"Chipotle Christmas" in Chicken Soup for the Soul's The Magic of Christmas
"Walking Her Daughter to Heaven" in Chicken Soup for the Soul's Messages from Heaven and Other Miracles
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Denise has a passion for simplifying and for writing. Her latest book, The Guppy Way: Walking Her Daughter to Heaven, is the true account of her sister’s journey to heaven after an unexpected death. Denise is currently writing her second book on clearing out the chaos in your life and creating calm.

"When Lily's sister, Michelle, passes away suddenly at the age of 45, in the midst of unimaginable grief, Lily and her family witness a series of miracles. Within a period of forty-eight hours, the family experiences an ethereal encounter with Michelle from heaven, a visit from an angel, and spiritual events that can only be explained as miracles by faith. Based on true events, this story is transforming and touching, allowing the reader a glimpse into a realm just on the other side of right here."

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