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COVID Baby Blues

My daughter gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic. No visitors were allowed in the hospital so I sat on the rooftop of the parking lot waiting for my son-in-law to text the arrival of my new grand daughter. It felt surreal. Like many infants born during this time of isolation, baby Elise has not experienced daily socialization outside the home and thus cries every time I try to hold her. Fortunately Elise started attending daycare last week so my daughter could return to work. After just five days of social interaction with other children and new adults, for the first time since Elise was born she smiled at me! Finally I felt like Grandma! Whose smile do you miss? Are you frustrated trying to get the emotional stimulation you need to stay connected? Tie a knot and hang on. Hope is just a smile away.

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Jan 23, 2022

So sweet!

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